The Counterculture Ethic (2) – Mercy and Commitment

Before we get to the verse we’re studying this Sunday (Mother’s Day, in case you forgot)…I want to run something by you.

I was talking with my friend Allen Newton, the pastor of Woodlawn UMC, and he told me he felt God laid it on his heart to ask local Christians to join in on a specific time for prayer, concerning our community…the oil spill, the economy…the whole thing.  Instead of this being a big, organized, publicized deal, his thought was “let’s just tell Christians to go to the beach, whatever one they like or frequent, at 5pm on Sunday afternoon, and pray for our beach.”  I love the idea…it sounds like a move of the Spirit to me.  No program or huge organizational arrangement…just something organic and honest.  Just knowing that at 5pm, Sunday afternoon, Christians will gather all along the beach to ask God for His mercy on our community and His help in our lives…quietly, but confidently…just gets me stoked.

So, to recap: This is not an organized outreach or publicity deal…there is NO rally point…just go to the beach at 5pm on Sunday, May 9th, and pray. How long you stay is up to you.  Ask God for His mercy, ask Him to help stem the flow of the oil spill, ask Him to meet the needs of our community….ask that His kingdom comes, and His will be done, here and now like it’s done in His realm.  Who knows what the Lord may do if we ask Him.

Also, if you read this before 6pm on Thursday May 6th, there is a prayer meeting concerning the oil spill being rallied by West Bay Advent Christian Church (soon to be named Salt Life Church), at the City Pier out by Pier Park.

This Sunday we’ll be reading Luke 6:37-49

We’re going to consider Jesus’ counterculture ethic which calls us to avoid a critical spirit, be forgiving and generous…and also challenges us to a radical commitment to what he’s taught us about life.

Lets be honest…these are hard sayings by Christ.  Of all these things he mentions…which is the hardest to swallow?  Is it easy for you to forgive?  Do you feel like you apply the same standard to yourself that you apply to others?

2 thoughts on “The Counterculture Ethic (2) – Mercy and Commitment

  1. I never though I would be a regular contributor to a website or anything like that. But I really enjoy and look forward everyweek to posting on wonderwhat. It gives me the opportunity to read the Word, think about your questions, look at the real world we all live in and just see what those do to my heart.

    The hardest part? Had to think about that one. Been thinking about that for the past couple of postings. Forgiveness. Check thats hard. Love. Check thats hard. Looking at the faults in your own life before helping a friend. Check thats hard. But I think I have to return to something Jesus said last week. “Hoping for nothing in return”. That’s hard for me. You mean nobody noticing and saying what a great christian Spud is. I wonder why that is?

    The only thing I could come up with is a lack of imagination.

    I came to serve and not to be served. I came as a ramson for many. Father let this cup pass from me if it is Your will and not mine. Forgive them for what they do. Until I accepted that Christ did die for me in the state I am in right now, I could not IMAGINE doing anything not in my best interest.

  2. All of these things Christ mentioned are hard for me, especially forgiveness. But I remember that I have been forgiven and purchased by Christ, so when I fall short, it’s all ok because Jesus did it for me. I just continue to want to be like Him and follow Him on this journey. He is my rock and my foundation, even when everything is caving in around me.

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