Listen Up!

Hey everybody, I’m home!  It’s good to be back

This Sunday we’ll be exploring Luke 8:16-21.

It is a section that expands on what Jesus was saying in the previous verses as he told the story about soil conditions and crop yields.  As he explained the purpose of using parables, he made the statement that he told truth encased in mundane stories so that “seeing they wouldn’t see, and hearing they wouldn’t understand”.

The part we’ll be reading is sort of Jesus’ qualifying of that statement.  So that we wouldn’t get the wrong idea and assume Jesus was trying to hide the truth, he makes it clear that his purpose is to make the truth plain…as clear as a lamp on a stand.

But then Jesus exhorts us…to what?  What does he caution us about?  What key component ties these verses together, resolving in v21?  What does it mean to your life, your walk with God?  Any thoughts?

See yaz Sunday!

4 responses to “Listen Up!”

  1. I am picturing everyone sitting around Jesus, curious, listening to what story he will tell, the light of the lamp shinning on his face. Is Jesus the lamp and the light the word of God?

    He is there, the stand, shinning the light of grace and love into my heart. I also see the truth through this light, pointing me to his word. I then hear him speak to me through his word. He has rescued me, no longer am I in darkness. I will not keep this light hidden, for I have become part of the light.

  2. Hey! Good to have you back.

    But then Jesus exhorts us…to what?
    This whole section (including the parable of the sower) is discussing the importance of hearing the word of God and how we share it so that others may hear. Those reading this have already heard so Jesus is exhorting us to share the word of God; that is, throw seeds of love carelessly, allow light to emanate from our lives, and call for more to join our re-defined family.

    What does he caution us about?
    We are cautioned, in a sense, not to be selfish and conceal this gift of the knowledge of the gospel (light), but rather to share it lavishly with the world by placing the message (light) where it can be properly illuminated and reach people. So final judgement becomes our caution. If we don’t listen and receive the good news then what we think we have will be taken away, and similarly if we don’t share this gift then we take away from others what they think they have. This is why throwing those seeds of love from the previous section is so important. Not for our salvation, but so that we can expand the family of God that Jesus mentions in the next section.

    What key component ties these verses together, resolving in v21?
    We are Jesus’ mother and brothers! I prefer not to think of myself as his mom, but either way I’m stoked to be in his family! Our good soil and shining light from the prior verses are brought to a conclusive end (is that redundant? Too late I already typed it and I don’t want to lose my train of thought). Because we hear and accept the word of God (seed, light), He provides us inclusion into His family. I can’t think of anything more amazingly intimate than that.

    What does it mean to your life, your walk with God?
    It means that as I walk with God, He has an intensely vested interest that things will turn out good for me. My Earthly dad loves me so much and is so wise and capable, but to have another dad who loves beyond my deepest creativity, contains infinite knowledge and wisdom, and is powerful enough to change things for my betterment with ease means that I can rest peacefully in His presence and hope eternally in His promises. Simply, He is always there for me as family and He is always looking out for me in ways I will never understand but always appreciate.

  3. First I must say how it still sends a thrill up my spine when we discover God’s words in this manner. Last time we talked about seeds and this week about light. But we cannot seperate the disccusions. Just as seeds need good soil, they also need light (sun). It amazes me how I can find this concept in most of the bible, how the disccusion may appear on the surface to be different, but the foundation that it stands on remains the same. It is kind of like the different people in this fellowship right now. If we are a garden then look at all the different flowers ( mothers, brothers, etc) that have bloomed. I think about the differences in the people I sit with and talk to every week here. What are the differences, but how much alike are we really. Is the difference in our needs really that large, when the answer to the needs are the same. Just like this garden that needs good soil, good seed and light to grow, it has produces many different flowers that make up this garden.

    Take head how you hear because nothing but the truth shall be revealed. Kind of like, “look all those new fangled fertilizers and nutrients will give you a sudden grow period, but they have no lasting postive impact on your garden, in fact in the long run most will only do harm. Remember there is only one Miracle Grow and this is the only store that has it in stock.” I just have to say it, this Jesus is really on top of His game.

  4. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to some “illumination” of v. 17 and 18, although my hunch is usually that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. I guess the passage is connected to the previous one, and if the “seed” in the prior verses is God’s word, message, or hope or love or all of the above (He can do that) then the light might be just a euphemism for the same. I think vs. 17 may be cautioning against a “secret society” or clique mentality that we could have. Christians (like me) can be pretty smug sometimes, and I know God doesn’t want us to have a “I know something you don’t” mentality. We have the hope missing from the heart of every person who does not know Christ. I wouldn’t be surprised if God had no choice but to take away a gift from someone who misused, or even abused, the privilege so terribly by withholding, or even twisting it around like that, and I think it happens all the time. It’s something I struggle with, and I imagine there wouldn’t be a word of caution in God’s word if I was the only one. The rest of the passage is pretty striaghtforward I guess, I just hope that people can recognize me as part of Christ’s family since I don’t have an ichthus on the back of my truck to clue them in after I cut them off in traffic.

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