One Important Thing

We’ll be finishing Luke chapter 10 this Sunday, reading verses 38-42.

It’s a familiar story to most of us.  Mary is sitting at Jesus’ feet whilst Martha is to her elbows in dishwater.  We normally read it as a contrast between busy and contemplative people.  There’s a lot going on in this very concise story.   Some of the lessons it teaches are not the most obvious things we read into it.

Who do you feel like you are in life?  Mary or Martha?  Do you ever wonder if Martha were to sit down with Mary, who would keep an eye on the roast so it doesn’t burn?  If Martha doesn’t serve, no one is eating.  But as we read it…is Jesus really correcting Martha for serving dinner…or is it something else?

We’ll explore it all together this Sunday…hope to see you there!

Also – Dave Peirce, Tom Randels and myself are leaving this coming Wednesday for the Sudan to be with Sabet and Suzy Kuj, of In Deed and Truth Ministries.  We’ve been supporting Sabet and Suzy for several years (we met them when they had fellowshiped with us during a year when they had to be in the states).  They facilitate a medical clinic as their outreach to the Sudanese people – hence the two doctors (Dave and Tom) are going out to help out, and I’m going along to teach a class in the Bible school Sabet has begun to train local pastors in the Word.  Dave and I will stay for two weeks, and Tom will remain for at least a year as the resident physician.  It’s pretty exciting stuff, and God’s wonderful grace is all over the whole thing.

All that to say, this will be my last Wonderwhat post until the 2nd week of December, as I’ll be gone for two Sundays.  Please support those who are filling in for me, since the priority is the Word, not the personality that shares it…right?  Please pray for Dave, Tom and I as we travel – that God will use us for His glory, and that we will return safely home.

Ok, that’s that.  Peace.

2 thoughts on “One Important Thing

  1. First You, Tom and Dave have a safe trip and return quickly since all will be missed. All of you will have a bunch to think about and worry about, but don’t concern yourself with those praying for you, that is covered.

    Let’s see Jesus is welcomed into this woman’s house. It all seems to go great in the beginning because they both sit with Him and listen to His words. I suppose Martha just couldn’t get her mind off that apple pie she planned on serving after that long winded Jesus was finished. Mary of course could not get her fill of His words.

    Martha asked Jesus to get Mary to help her attends to the things she is worried about. I guess it is true that nobody likes to worry alone. And Jesus notices that Martha is troubled and worried and generally overwhelmed with troubles, while Mary is generally overwhelmed with just Jesus.

    I can sure remember spending most of my life just like Martha, “worried and troubled by so many things”. As I reread this I believe this is a common thing Jesus is trying to remind us of. Such as…

    In this world you will have trouble, but don’t worry I have overcome the world.

    His yoke is easy and the worlds is hard

    Seek 1st the kingdom of God and all these things will be given to you.

    and of course Jesus asked what can you add to your life with worry.

    It seems to be pitting two conflicting issues in our lives against each. Worry and trust.

    Do we really believe these things this Jesus has said. If Martha drops everything and listens, will Jesus get the roast out of the oven in time? Will we continue to worry about things that are not within our ability to control or simply trust that God’s plan is at work, even in the worst of circumstances. In the instance case, this was not the worst of times and Martha worried.

    I am reminded how Martha and Mary acted when Lazarus died. “Now Martha, as soon as she heard that Jesus was coming, went and met Him, but Mary was sitting in the house.”Martha tells Him, if you had been here he would not have died. Further on, Martha tells Mary that the Teacher has come and is calling for you. the account then says “As soon as she heard THAT, she arose quickly and came to Him.” Such a different reaction to hard times.

    Finally, I am remind at the end of the Gospel of John when Peter asked Jesus what is going to happen to John. Jesus tells him basically what is that to you, just follow me.

  2. Its kind of a piss off but really no one cares how much affort goes into food preparation! Its all eatten up so fast! But the worrying and the fussing its just not necessary in anything.Jesus doesnt want us worrying at all.We are suppose to give it all to him.Stop what were doing immediately, listen to him. We can always order pizza!

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