Photo update from Sudan

This is Toms new office.

This is the waiting and reception area.
This was our table set for Thanksgiving dinner…we ate goat because
I lost the turkey somewhere in Nairobi. Long story.

This is my class waving to you and asking you to pray for them.

This is what they get for asking a cartoonist to teach them.

(E-mailed from Rob.)
From Robbie: I got an e-mail from Rob today saying that he’s going to a leper colony tomorrow.  Please pray for him.

5 thoughts on “Photo update from Sudan

  1. The pictures are great & gotta love the drawings. What a great gift you have. You can’t speak the language, but you can still communicate! May the Lord bless & protect you, Tom, & Dave.

  2. In the back of the waving photo, you can see a man has knocked his papers off his desk. They are mid-air when the photo was taken.

    And goat for Thanksgiving? Sign me up! Let’s add some curry too!

  3. It is like he has gone back to the days when Jesus Christ lived on this earth. May he be totally covered with the protection and love of Jesus as he looks into the lepers eyes and tells them of Jesus. I wait with anticipation to hear what the Lord has done. Rob will return to us with a spiritual deepening like none other that will help us as a church to grow closer together and to Him. We will pray. Thank you Robbie for the specific update. please continue to update as specific needs arise.

  4. Wow what awesome pictures and I love the emails. Yes I agree with Liz I can’t wait to hear how you lost the turkey. No really we americans just had black Friday shopping into a freanzy was the theme of many stores and people…… It just makes me stop and think how sad we are, we have soooooo much we don’t even have a clue how much, unless we really take a deep hard look around. I was deeply caught by the statement the one man made compairing America to Heaven. Wow do we!!!! We should be so thankful! But are we! I am grateful for your trip Rob it is awakening me and that is something I needed!

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