The Only Sign

This Sunday we’ll be coming back to Luke 11, and we’ll be reading vs 29-36.

The context is carried over from last week…that of Jesus addressing those who were rejecting him either through direct opposition and criticism, or through apathy.  Jesus challenged those who heard him to make a decision, one way or the other, and neutrality is not an option.  Carrying the theme through,  Jesus knew there were a lot of people wanting more proof that he was Messiah via some supernatural sign from heaven, so he did what any self-respecting Messiah would do; he called them all evil.  Kinda’ cool if you think about what terrible marketing that is.

Jesus mentions the “sign of Jonah”, which has had a lot of people theorizing about its meaning for the last 2,000 years.  There are some obvious parallels between Jonah and Jesus, which Matthew’s gospel points out in Matt 12.  What do you think the “sign of Jonah” is?

Why would the people of Nineveh and the Queen of the South, both pagan, gentile peoples, have a place to condemn Jesus’ generation of chosen people?

The following verses are a commentary in word pictures about the spiritual blindness of the religious people of Jesus’ day.  What do you think was the cause of their blindness…why do you think they were prone to reject Jesus as Messiah?

Stuff to ponder ’till Sunday.  See yer’ then!

One thought on “The Only Sign

  1. I wonder why some see the light and some see darkness. I wonder why I saw only darkness and not light for so most of my life. Is it that some seek the light like the queen of the south? Do other just reject it or turn away from it? If so why? Interestingly I was reading in the gospels last night about the crucifixation of Jesus and particularly the two thieves next to him. It dawned on me that neither would have been educated, or religious and probably not jews. They had been thieves or worst and in Jail for sometime and as such may not have even known who Jesus was. How or Why did one see the light as He was nailed to the cross and the other didn’t?

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