The Great Divide

Lots of stuff vying for my attention this week…sorry for the delay in getting this posted.

This Sunday we continue with Luke 12, finishing up the chapter reading vs 49-59.

What do you think of when you read Jesus’ words proclaiming that he came to start a fire on the earth.  Do you see that as something positive or negative…or both?

Have you ever had an experience where following Jesus cost you a friendship…or a family member?  How did it make you feel?  Jesus makes it clear to us that not everyone is going to dig his message; he is the proverbial line in the sand.

What connection do you see between what Jesus has been talking about and his story about settling out of court to avoid a negative judgment against you?

Just a few questions to spark your thinking…hope to see you Sunday!

3 responses to “The Great Divide”

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  2. The fire has already come to pass. See John 21:9.

  3. This passage is sort of cryptic, alittle mysterious. The fire Jesue speaks of could mean the spread of His word, or the Church. It might be the conflict he speaks of between those who choose to follow him or not. But I tend to think He is refering to the Holy Spirit that is to come after His crusifiction and resurection. It being discribed as a fire an all.
    But then He seems to talk about , maybe the end of the age? Is God the judge and Jesus the one we owe a debt to? Is it non-believers He’s talking about? In verse 57 I relate that to another scripture that states, ” in the final days, right will become wrong and wrong will become right.”
    I dont know man. Thats why I got Rob. :0

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