Parable of the Father’s Love

What was the biggest shock you encountered when you finally left the home of your parents and got out on your own? I know I had all these dreams about how things were going to go and how I would finally do things MY WAY…but in the end, I still found myself leaning into and receiving my parent’s love and support.

In Luke 15:11-32, Jesus tells the famous story of the Prodigal Son(s).  It’s probably very familiar to most of us…if not, then you’re in for a treat.  It’s one of my favorite stories of the Bible, and it is the picture of God I cling to most of all.

As you read the story, you may realize that we’ve sort of misrepresented it by calling it “The Prodigal Son”…because the main character is not the son(s).  The main character of this story is the Father.  Jesus is trying to tell us something about God…and he’s telling it in response to v1-2.

Read the story with your main focus being on the Father. What do you learn about God in the face of man’s rebellion of sin?  What do we learn about life away from God? What do we learn about God’s willingness to accept us into his family?

The second part of the story has to do with the Father’s other son…the one who was lost while still at home.  What was his biggest complaint?  How would you understand his complaint in light of v1-2?  The oldest son had LOST the plot…his values had gotten misconstrued. What can WE learn from this…from what the Father instructs his oldest son?

Anyway…those are just some things to think over before Sunday.  Also, please remember that we’re collecting RELIEF ITEMS for the tornado victims in Alabama…bring them this Sunday if you can!  You’re the BEST!!!

One thought on “Parable of the Father’s Love

  1. When I think of someone serving money, I think of a work-a-holic. Maybe someone who to the neglect of everything or everyone else is driven or have more and more. I can see it in my own life at times as well. Maybe there is something I just can’t live without (yea right, only in America) but it plagues you until you obtain that thing whatever it is for yourself or your kids. Maybe I try and work more to get the money to justify buying it or charge it or whatever. Thinking of this with serving God as a template, I am reminded of the scripture that says love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul all your mind and all your strength. In other words let our love for Him consume us. I guess this would be a good test for recognizing where our allegiences lie. Are we being consumed by a lust for things or by the concerns of His kingdom?

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