Author Ronnie McBrayer

This Sunday Author and speaker Ronnie McBrayer is going to be sharing with us.  Ronnie is a friend of mine, whose writing always challenges me to consider what I really know about Christ and how to live out this faith I have in Him.  Trust me, you will want to hear Ronnie.  Among those I’ve met who are wandering in search of authentic faith, Ronnie is one I feel a deep, kindred appreciation for.  Check out this video he made, and check out his website to get to know him a little better!

Home Group leaders…you’re on your own this week.  My suggestion would be to have a discussion by asking people to share their own thoughts about what Ronnie shares with us. If not that…have a hang out night just for fun.  We will be returning to the regular schedule from your leader’s guides next week.

Hope to see everyone Sunday!

One response to “Author Ronnie McBrayer”

  1. Ronnie is one of my favorites too. He seems like many of us at Eastgate. He’s just trying to understand Jesus as he really is and then understand what that means for him as a follower. And he can write. Man, can he write. Should be a great day.

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