Qualities of the Guides

Sunday we’ll be continuing our study in Titus, reading 1:5-9.

As I write this, on my desk is the opened letter from some fraudulent group called St. Matthews Church. I’m not going to post their link for fear someone might actually click it. Anyway, these “caring” ministers sent me a paper prayer rug with a creepy face of Jesus printed on it. According to the incredibly long instructions printed on several different sheets of paper, if I kneel on this rug and pray for something…or make a wish, I guess….and then send this rug back (with a check, of course), my wish will come true. This, of course, is all done with a great flourish of Scriptures and Jesus’ name is invoked multiple times…well heck, Creepy Jesus is even on the rug!

It’s all a great source of a laugh until I start thinking about the people who actually get duped by these deceivers and I’m reminded of how dangerous church really is.

It’s vitally important for the church to live out in real life the things we believe about God, and it has to start with the leadership of the church.  Hence Paul’s instruction to Titus in our passage.

Hopefully in your experience with the church, there have been leaders whom you respected. What traits did they have that caused you to respect them? How do those traits compare with Paul’s quality control list in our passage?

When you’ve been aware of church leaders being caught in scandals, how has it affected you? If you re-read v7, Paul uses a job description to describe a church leader. How can what he compares leaders to help remind leaders of their purpose and place, and encourage the church community to see leaders in the proper context? (too confusing?…yeah, maybe….just think about it for a while).

That’s going to be our topic – hope you can join in.

One thought on “Qualities of the Guides

  1. I got the same creepy Jesus rug in the mail. It really is a bummer that some people get sucked in to these scam’s. I know I was one of them as a young Christian. I was duped by twisted doctrine for quite a while until…thankfully Jesus showed me the way out. (and I found Eastgate!) I love the list Paul gives Titus. I have, only at Eastgate, been fortunate to experience church with leadership that I totally respect. (in all fairness I have only been to 3 churches in my adult life) Anyway, the traits of those leaders that have earned my respect include humility, honesty, love for people, and just simply being real. The teaching being sound and not having some slanted self serving message goes REAL far too!!!! I love all of you in leadership at Eastgate and have seen stability, steadfastness and wisdom manifested in your lives for many years now. I feel unbelievably blessed to be in a place that embodies what Jesus planned for us as a church from the beginning of time. Church scandals that come out into the public eye are painful… they hurt all of us because we are immediately affiliated with “those christians” and they have the potential to push people away as just one more excuse not to listen to truth. Many christians even turn away from Jesus when their church is the one whose pastor did _____________. They are shocked and begin to question God. Luckily in my past (pre-Eastgate) experience with this, I knew God was real and as I sought Him he revealed His truth about wolves in sheep’s clothing… They have been around since the beginning and won’t be leaving till the end…We have to be certain we are seeking Jesus and following Him (not man) or we too, may be duped. That’s why I’m sure that Paul felt it necessary to put the things to look for in leaders so clearly down in this letter. Leaders as Paul said are responsible for the affairs in God’s house.. not anything to be taken lightly…. again thanks to you Rob and all those in leadership at Eastgate for the example you set…

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