God’s Big Plan

Running late again…sorry. This Sunday we’ll be reading 1 Peter 1:10-12

It’s an interesting little passage. Fun to read and contemplate, not so easy to build a 3 point teaching around.  Pete has been encouraging us to live as people who are foreigners to this broken world system…and in v9, he reminded us what’s at stake in this, the salvation of our very souls.  He seems to want to hang on that subject and emphasize it’s importance to us.

The first thing he does is point backwards. This salvation isn’t just something dreamed up out of the blue by Jesus or his followers – this rescue has been announced for a long time. This has always been God’s plan. The fact that all of this orbits around God’s grace being revealed in significant to me. God’s plan has been all about salvation, about rescue. What does that tell us about God and his relationship to man, and does an emphasis on that idea alter the way you perceive of God?

Where Peter lands in v12 is interesting to me too. Who is it that gets entrusted to advance this plan in the world? Hint: it isn’t angels…they seem to be curious inquisitors about this whole drama of redemption. (Which, by the way, is such an odd little concept tacked on to the end of this verse. He drops that as though we should know what he’s talking about…but sheesh, what is he talking about? – it makes me think Pete was a strange dude.)

Hopefully we’ll have this all making some sort of sense by Sunday….hope to see you then!

One response to “God’s Big Plan”

  1. Knowing that, all along, before I was even born, God’s plan was to rescue me is more than marvelous!! That forecast of mercy and compassion totally blows away the image so many of us grew up with of a God with his hammer ready to drop. And even cooler than that is the fact that we, those who haven’t seen Him but still believe, are the ones who get to pass on the great news of this kind and loving Father to those who don’t know it!! Mission Mercy here we come!
    I wonder if those angels have figured stuff out yet? guess we’ll have to ask Peter when we get there!

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