The Traveling Life

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas — I know I did.

suitcaseThis Sunday we’ll be returning to our study in 1 Peter, reading ch 2:11-12.

Peter is now going to be moving from a largely theological perspective to the practical ramifications of what he’s been saying up to now. This is very much like Paul’s approach. In v 11-12 Peter sets up the theme of what this pilgrim journey will look like when it’s lived out in real life.

In v 11, Peter encourages us to redirect our human appetites for two different reasons. What is the first reason, and how do you think that mindset would help you redirect your passions? What is the second reason? Do you think this is Peter telling us to deny that we have appetites and desires that seem unruly at times?  Does this sound like Peter condemning us because we experience these passions of the flesh?  How does the war imagery help us to find a stable motivation for change in our lives?

In v12 Peter tells us what our loudest testimony is – what is it? How has someone’s behavior effected your view of them, positively or negatively? When we think about our calling to take the GOOD NEWS to the world around us – when the world looks at the behavior of the (21st century American) church (or at least, those who seem to represent it most in the media), do you think our behavior translates as good news? What steps can we take to rightly represent the GOOD NEWS in our lifestyle?

Should prove to be interesting fodder for thought. Hope to see you then!

5 thoughts on “The Traveling Life

  1. It seems that Peter is saying to all of us, “I have just read Romans Chapter 12, and let me tell you in fewer words what Paul is saying”.

    The thing is the concepts that support both of their instructions are really pretty simple, such as put others before yourself, love one another without prejudice, deny the tempations of your world/culture/flesh, etc. In doing so, you will preach the good news with a greater impact than you could ever preach it with words. I cannot find any way to argue against this. The rub is that it just isn’t easy. Following the world/culture/flesh is easy. Could that be why so many people are following the world.

  2. Jack & Linda

    The message today really hit home. We are living in Italy now and it’s very hard to stay focused. We have been in contact with a church here (Jim & Margie Stewart) whom we have seen and been to church a few times. It’s an hour away from where we are living. Your message today was very encouraging for us. Nice because is was the only day that the DSL was working well enough to stream the service 🙂 As we are so far disconnected from our everyday life in Fl. We really enjoyed hearing you today, a great reminder for us to walk as Christians in a foreign land. a friendly nation no doubt, but it’s not our home.

    Thanks Rob, please send our love to all and it’s our prayer that God continues to bless this wonderful community we live in.

  3. Rob, Being a Moody Blues fan when you used ‘sojourn’ in your message this morning it made me think of the song ‘Lost in a Lost World’ from their Seventh Sojourn album. The words mean so much more to me today since ’72 when I graduated high school.
    “Lost In A Lost World”

    I woke today, I was crying
    Lost in a lost world
    So many people are dying
    Lost in a lost world
    Some of them are living an illusion
    Bounded by the darkness of their minds
    In their eyes it’s nation, against nation, against nation
    With racial pride
    Thinking only of themselves
    They shun the light
    (shun the light)
    They think they’re right
    (think they’re right)
    Living in their empty shells

    Oh, can you see their bodies thrashing
    (so many people, so many people)
    Crashing down around their feet
    Angry people in the street
    Telling them they’ve had their fill
    Of politics, people who kill

    Grow… the seed of evolution
    (so many people, so many people)
    Revolution everyone
    It’s just another form of gun
    To do again what they have done
    Let all our brothers come and get some
    (so many people, so many people)

    Everywhere you go you see them searching
    Everywhere you turn you feel the pain
    Everyone is looking for the answers
    Well look again, come on my friend
    Love will find us in the end
    Come on my friend
    (on my friend)
    We’ve got to bend
    (got to bend)
    Down on our knees and say a prayer

    Oh, can you see the world is pining
    (so many people, so many people)
    Pining for someone who really cares enough to share his love
    With all of us so we can be
    An ever loving family
    Have we forgotten who loves who
    (so many people, so many people)
    Children from a family tree
    That’s longer than a centipede
    Started long ago when you and I
    Where only love….
    (so many people, so many people)

    I woke today, I was crying
    Lost in a lost world
    So many people are dying
    Lost in a lost world
    So many people, so many people
    People lost in a lost world
    So many people, so many people
    People lost in a lost world

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