Important Reminders

Hey everybody…I thought I’d put a few panels up from the graphic novella I’m working on for Voice of the Martyrs:

panels RTC-1. panels RTC-2.

I’ve penciled 22 of the 28 pages, but I still have to ink and color them…so I’m only a third of the way through.

Anyway…this Sunday we’ll be reading 2 Peter 1:12-15 as we continue our study of that book.

Having spent the first 11 verses sort of laying out the basics of the gospel, Peter then explains why he is repeating stuff that his readers are already familiar with. Why does he say he does this?

Have you ever known someone (or maybe you ARE someone) who repeats a story over and over again, even though everyone’s already heard it multiple times? My mom was famous for that – she would tell some stories from her childhood over and over, and each time she told it like it was breaking news. As a kid it used to irritate me…but now that she’s been gone for nearly 20 years, I’m really glad she repeated them.

There’s more to human communication than just the transferring of information. If we read a poem to gather information, we are missing the point of poetry. Yet poetry does communicate – but on an elemental level. Poetry and stories invite us in to an experience or a feeling – we participate when we listen to or read them. That’s why we go over them again and again, to relive that experience gained through that communication.

How does this apply to what Peter says about repeating the basic truths of the gospel to people already acquainted with those truths?  What benefit do you believe can be derived from the repetition of these basic truths – or do you think there are any?

Come hang out with us Sunday as we carry on Peter’s legacy by repeating some well-worn words of wisdom.

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