Identities Defined in the Light

If I were to obtain a retinal scan, a copy of your driver’s licence, your fingerprints, a sample of your DNA and your Social Security number…I would probably be able to positively identify you as a person. Those things are routinely used for security and courtrooms to identify people – but they are wholly impotent in defining a person’s identity – defining who they really are.

Personal identity is such a murky subject – philosophers and doctors of psychology have spent vast amounts of time studying this idea and have yet to come to a fully agreed upon means of drawing out one’s personal identity. So many different factors play into this as well – ethnicity, gender, culture, the nation we live in – but all of these are subservient to the core of who we really are.

It’s odd that answering that question is challenging – why are we so in the dark about something so intimate?

We’re going to consider this theme as we continue our study in the Gospel of John, reading John 1:6-13 this Sunday.

John the Baptist is introduced, but he is plainly described as NOT being the Light that shines in the darkness. There is a lot to consider there, especially as it touches church culture and leadership – but if we think about finding identity, what does that tell us about where our search should begin?

V12 in the Message version is so wonderful to me. I believe Peterson hits the target. V12 reveals who we really are…or at least, who we are meant to be.  This reveals who God is – and how is God revealed in this verse?  This reveals who we are. Does this make any difference in your life, or especially your self-awareness? Does knowing who you are in God’s pattern for life change anything about how you understand your life? If so…how?

I’m really stoked about this section – and I’m looking forward to digging into it!

If you haven’t been there, you should check out The Eastgate Hymnal – a 21st century hymnal. The songs we’ll be singing this Sunday are: Forever ; Holy is the Lord; Beautiful Lord; As Children; and You Are My King  – check out the lyrics and read the meditation to be prepared to enter into our corporate worship time.

See you Sunday!

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