Cutting Through the Fog

Phew…Thanksgiving has got me all behind in my duties…including this blog! Sorry this is so delayed getting posted.

This Sunday we’ll be reading John 7:25-52 and we’ll be tracking the same themes we looked at last time: a misunderstood Jesus.

Fog is used as a metaphor for times when events seem unclear to us, and I think fog is a suitable metaphor for this passage. Our world is generally a foggy place. There are so many things that want to influence us, but we see so little of the whole picture that it’s very difficult sometimes to make sense of life. That’s one of the things Jesus has come to do in introducing the kingdom of God – he provides a story from which we can start to make sense of the world around us.

In order to grasp that story though, we have to avoid some of the attitudes and reactions that many of the people in this passage had.

In v 25-29 the people draw a conclusion about Jesus based on their interpretation of Malachi 3:1. How does Jesus address this misunderstanding? What didn’t the people know? Does that imply anything to us about what we are sure we know about God and his ways?

In v 30-36, and 40-46 the leaders of Jerusalem want to arrest Jesus but come back stunned and empty handed. The leadership thought that they were in control of this situation, but clearly they were not. What do you fear losing control of most – and what can we learn about who is in control from this passage?

The people in power react to the growing support Jesus is gaining in Jerusalem in v47-52. What attitude jumps out at you from their statements? It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when we start thinking more of ourselves than we should. In what ways can we as the church start to feel superior to others, and how can we counteract that tendency?

The key to clarity is found in the middle of the passage, in v37-38 where Jesus makes an invitation. He’s addressing a deep human need – a longing for fulfillment and purpose. Come and drink and then be the means by which others have their thirst quenched. How can drinking in Jesus’ words, example and mission be a source of satisfaction and purpose in our lives?

Hope you had a good T-Day – if you had family and friends with you, be grateful. But lets not forget those who lacked this holiday – and there are members of our church family who have suffered over this weekend, please keep them in prayer (you can visit the Prayer Wall to see what I’m referencing).  See you on Sunday!

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