Getting Real

Research psychologists have found there are at least three situations when we are not ourselves. First, the average person puts on airs when she/he visits the lobby of a fancy hotel. Next, the average person will try to hide their emotions and impress the salesman when entering a new car showroom. Can you guess what the third environment is where we are not ourselves? According to this same psychological study, it’s when we enter into a church.

Does that strike you as odd? It does me, though it isn’t foreign to me…just odd.

It is a common human dynamic to place a great emphasis on outward appearances. Sadly, the church has not been immune to this propensity throughout its history. There has always been, and will always be, an imperative for us as God’s people to get real when it comes to our journey into life.

We’re going to be looking at 1 John 1:8-2:2 this Sunday – and I believe John is urging us as the church to get real.

Everything about what John is encouraging in this section is emphasizing honesty. In what ways can we as Christians end up acting as though we have “no sin”? How can projecting an image of perfection lead to self-deception?

In what ways do you consider confession to be cleansing in your relationship with God?

Based on chapter 2, v 1-2, why should we have no fear in being honest and open before God and everyone else, for that matter? What can fear end up doing to us relationally?

Should be a provocative study – hope to see you Sunday!

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