Elemental Eastgate – Our Values and Vision

Last week we started our short series on the basics of what Eastgate is about. We looked at our purpose; We are here to learn how to love God and love people, experience and express the radical grace of God and advance God’s kingdom in the world where we’ve been placed. That’s why Eastgate is a thing…but then the question arises from that: “Why do we go about fulfilling that purpose the way that we do?”

That’s where we will look at our values as a community. What are the things we prioritize as we pursue our purposes?

Here are a few passages of Scripture that we’ll be looking at as we go.

Psalm 119:104-105

Galatians 5:1-6 along with Romans 15:1-5

1 Samuel 16:7

Ephesians 2:19

Mark 10:42-45Matthew 20:28; 1 Peter 5:1-3

You may start to get a picture of the things we prioritize as a church from reading these. I’d be interested to know what your thoughts about Eastgate are. As you’ve been part of it, what would you identify as our values (things we place an importance on in our meetings and activities). Share your thoughts in the comments here.

It should be an informative session – hope to see you this Sunday!

One response to “Elemental Eastgate – Our Values and Vision”

  1. A leading value I have observed is a quiet confidence that the “Work of the Word” will transform lives.

    I have observed a belief that all who are in Christ have a full and accepted place in the family of God. I can imagine that if we set up a lot of tables for a dinner, there would be no head table. There would be no hierarchy for senior members, or for recently successful people people, and certainly not a figurative “little-kids table.” All would be considered full members of the family and treated as such.

    I am hoping you will tell us what is up with the surfboards!

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