God’s Redemptive Plan

Less than a week before Thanksgiving – my hope is that everyone is able to share this with friends and family – yet no matter our circumstances, we all have much to be thankful for; chief of which is God’s redeeming love for us! We’re going to be considering God’s redemptive plan for creation in our study this Sunday, as we read Acts 2:14-41. Its a lot of verses, but they read pretty quickly.

Peter is going to be sharing what is essentially the very first message of the gospel given by the church. Read through the sermon, but outline it thusly:

a) verses 14-21, the fulfilling of prophesy

b) verses 22- 36, the means by which the prophesy has been fulfilled

c) verses 37-41, the response to the fulfillment

What promise is focused on in part A? What is the means by which the promise has come to pass in part B? What is the emphasis and meaning of part C? In answering those questions, we have the core components of what the good news, the gospel, is. What characteristics jump out at you as you read this sermon by Peter? How does it square with your, or even the modern evangelical church’s explanation of the gospel? Does this challenge any of your ideas of what the good news is, and if so, how?

I’m really stoked about this study…hope to see you this Sunday!

One response to “God’s Redemptive Plan”

  1. My heart leaps when the simple message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified is preached. Great job

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