Cheerfully Tried

Whoops – I got so far behind this week that I almost skipped Wonderwhat. This Sunday we’ll be reading all of Acts chapter 24. For the next three chapters we are going to be focused on Paul’s court appearances. We’ll actually meet an ancient Roman Lawyer in the passage.

It will help you to read a little bit about Antonius Felix – he was not a good dude.

There’s something that jumps out at me from v10. How does Paul say he’s willing to give his defense…with what attitude?

How do you think it’s possible for Paul to have this kind of attitude during his court appearance?

What kinds of attitudes do you find yourself adopting when faced with a severe trial? What can we learn from Paul’s earlier experiences and his presentation of defense about how he maintained his composure during his trial? It’s something to think about which will both challenge and encourage us, I believe.

The last Surf-N-Grill of the season is upon us – hope to see you out there!

One thought on “Cheerfully Tried

  1. Well, this is challenging and soooo encouraging!! When faced with severe trial my hope is that it’s over quick or really that I could somehow get out of it all together.. My attitude certainly isn’t always cheery or joyful but maybe Paul’s example can help.. I’m thinking he was able to have this mindset because he had a sense of purpose. He knew what God had called him to do and that assurance enabled him to bravely and cheerfully face his opponents…In the prior chapter it said the Lord had appeared to him saying “be of good Cheer” just as you testified of me in Jerusalem so must you bear witness also at Rome…and in the prior chapter to that he recounted his Damascus road experience recalling how Ananias had told him the Lord had called him to be a witness to all men.. When we know by personal revelation in prayer or through the word our role in whatever trial we may face we can cheerfully remain faithful knowing we are doing what He would have us to do..There is true peace in having His direction confirmed in our hearts…It says this coming before Felix went on for two years…God bless Paul, he was faithful and so then successful (like Rob pointed out last week!) in accomplishing God’s purpose for him even if it didn’t turn Felix’s heart. I wonder though, maybe his wife was swayed to Jesus through those meetings, or maybe another cellmate or even a prison guard….Joy is found in knowing that God has purpose in where and who he places us in the midst of.. Lord help us all to be cheerfully faithful in the midst of the trying times in our lives…

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