Jesus is Greater – a New Study in Hebrews

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Hey everyone – we’re going to start a new teaching series tomorrow in the book of Hebrews! I’m really stoked about this book, I think you will be too!

The book of Hebrews is a fascinating letter written by an unknown author to a group of Jewish believers sometime between 50-70 AD. The general theme of this letter is that the Messiah has come and his coming is much greater than we ever expected it would be!  He’s greater than the law of Moses, greater than the prophets, greater than angelic appearances….you’ll get the picture as we get into it. This letter, more than any other New Testament writing, provides a bridge that links the Old and New Testaments together as a singular narrative. It reminds me of one of those art installations that look like a chaotic group  of objects, until viewed from a particular angle where we realize each piece is part of a larger picture.

This Sunday we’ll be reading all of chapter one and the first four verses of chapter 2.

In verses 1-3, what reason does the writer give for saying that Jesus is a greater than the other forms of communication God employed in the past? Why is it important to us that Jesus is the “exact imprint of God’s nature”?

Verses 4-14 strings together a series of quotations from the Psalms and 2 Samuel that reveal Messiah as being superior to any angelic creation because he is the actual, eternal creator. So here he’s making a progression – Jesus is greater than the Law and Prophets, and he’s greater than any other spiritual beings. In what ways to people tend to gravitate to religious laws or mystical spirituality involving angels? What do you think the writer is trying to get across to us concerning how we relate to God through Jesus?

In the first four verses of chapter 2 the writer gives us a warning. What is the warning? What are some of the ways in which we can “pay much closer attention” to Jesus? What suggestions does the writer provide in v3-4?

As I said – I’m really stoked about this study! I believe it will be challenging and open our minds up to whole new horizons as believers! Hope to see you Sunday.

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