Hey Jude!

This Sunday we will be starting the book of Jude in our study Truth or Consequences.  We’ll be reading v1-4.

We don’t know for sure who Judah, the author is – one main theory is that he is the half-brother of Jesus, because of his identification as the brother of James. We assume that James is the leader of the early church mentioned in Acts and he was also a half-brother to Jesus.

As we read the opening verses of this letter we see that Jude was intending to write just to talk about the awesome salvation we have in Jesus. In v1-2 he describes some of what the truth of the gospel has provided us. If you’re so inclined, underline the words that describe what we’ve received through Jesus (helpful tip – don’t use a Sharpie if you’re using a Bible app on your phone). How can the benefits he describes be foundational in our sense of identity? How does that inform us about the importance of the truth of the gospel in our lives?

In v3-4 Jude challenges us to contend for the faith. What are some ways we can “contend”…that is, guard the faith? Some have taken this passage as licence to attack or berate people who don’t share the same beliefs. How would you describe a difference between guarding what we’ve been given and attacking others who believe differently?

It’s been a long week – I’m looking forward to hanging with my church family and attending to God’s word. Hope to see you Sunday.

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