Closer Circles

Image result for overlapping wedding ringsHey – I totally spaced updating Wonderwhat this week! Sorry! Actually, this section is not a fun one to deal with at all, and in all honesty, since I’ve already covered it twice before, we’re going to be taking a different tack tomorrow. We’ll be reading Matthew 19:1-12.  If you would like a more in-depth study on this section and the parallel one found in Mark 10 – please follow these links to my earlier teachings on this subject: Matthew 19:1-12  Mark 10:1-16.

In this  section, Jesus moves from the larger circle of community interaction and responsibility to the closer circle of marriage. Jesus, in countering a test posed to him by the Pharisees, reveals his heart concerning the theology of marriage. It’s original purpose and intent and our responsibilities to that purpose.

Hang in there….we’ll get through this.

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