Jesus Critiques the Leaders – or – Woe, Dude!

Image result for woah, dudeHey all – this Sunday we’ll be reading Mathew 23 – yes…the entire chapter. There are actually only a few themes in this chapter, it’s just that they are repeated a lot. It’s a challenging text to distill for modern, Western, sequentially oriented thinkers. We’ll give it our best go!

In this chapter, Jesus sort of goes all Gordon Ramsay on the Pharisees and Scribes! As you read the entire rebuke that Jesus gives to the religious leaders of his day – what is the overarching theme that you pick up on? What do you believe he reserves his scorn for?

It would be very easy to keep this text isolated to the temple leadership of Jesus’ day, but that would be a mistake. In what ways can you pick up on parallels between the religious culture of Jesus’ day, and our present day Evangelical culture? If you were able to communicate a warning to our church from this text, what would be the most important part of Jesus’ rebuke you’d apply?

Heavy stuff – but…Surf-N-Grill is this Sunday…so it evens out, I guess. See you then!

One response to “Jesus Critiques the Leaders – or – Woe, Dude!”

  1. I’m not a church leader, but I am called to be an ambassador for Christ everywhere I go. So am I not guilty of the same judgment of being a hypocrite when I neutralize the validity of my message with moral compromise? I have repeatedly acquired financial debt that I cannot repay. I am one who can quote scriptures but cannot be considered one to be followed. I know how to look respectable and act accordingly, but I have made corrupt choices that prevent me from being an accurate witness for Christ. I feel like I must be called a hypocrite.

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