The Crisis of Resistance

Shoot! I’m really late posting this – and I’m limited on time. So…just quickly, we’re going to be reading Revelation chapter 6 this Sunday. The first 6 seals of the scroll will be opened and we’ll look at the conditions of this broken world that are the result of God’s kingdom breaking in. Also…you’ll get to see a drawing of how I envision John’s description of the infamous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Read the passage over if you get a chance before Sunday and use your imagination to see and feel what John describes.

What are conditions like for a world that resists God’s rule?

What encouragement do we take from the souls under the altar who were martyred for their faith? What are they told and how does that shape our own response to unjust treatment by this world?

What does the final cataclysmic description tell us about the result of resisting God’s rule? Who is described as trying to hide under the earth? What kinds of people are they? What does that tell us about the source of this broken world’s problems?

Stuff to ponder. See yez’ Sunday!

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