Easter Weekend at Eastgate

Tonight is Good Friday and we will be observing it with a service which reflects on Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross. It will be a time of singing and contemplation. We will also be doing a live painting, as well as an interactive, visceral worship experience. The cross has been a central part of the Christian faith for 2000 years. Tonight, we’ll take our place alongside the church through the ages and remember that pivotal day…the day the revolution began! We hope you can join us tonight, 6:30 pm in the Big Room at Eastgate.

On Saturday: we are inviting people to join in a voluntary day of fasting and prayer in anticipation of Easter. You can skip a meal, or two or skip the whole day (if your health allows for it). This allows us to step into an experience of loss and discomfort, like the first disciples experienced that terrible Saturday after seeing their Rabbi die along with their hopes and dreams of God’s kingdom. We have prepared written prayers that you can use to guide you in contemplating and communicating with God. This is a time to give thanks and to deeply consider the depths of God’s love for us.

You can find the prayers here: COMMUNITY PRAYERS_

On Sunday: Join us at sunrise at Rick Seltzer Park on Thomas Dr as we welcome the day and begin celebrating the wonder of resurrection! If you haven’t joined in on one of these services, I encourage you to do so, you won’t regret it!

Later, at 10 am in the courtyard of the Eastgate building, we’ll have a day of celebration, where we kick up our heels and shout for joy because Jesus is loose in the world making all things new! Join us for the celebration, then stay for a potluck lunch where we can fellowship and reap the benefits of God’s renewal by hanging out with the family of God! It’s always a good time! Bring a dish to share…and I hope to see you there! (see how I did that? It rhymes!)

See you tonight!

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