Easter Weekend at Eastgate

Tonight is Good Friday and we will be observing it with a service which reflects on Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross. It will be a time of singing and contemplation. We will also be doing a live painting, as well as an interactive, visceral worship experience. The cross has been a central part ofContinue reading “Easter Weekend at Eastgate”

I Am So Happy You Are Here

“I was born in a time of war.” the Sudanese representative of Evangelical churches said to my friends and I as we ate dinner at a missionary house in Nairobi. “I was married during war, my children were born in war. I have only known peace for five years. If the referendum brings war again,Continue reading “I Am So Happy You Are Here”

We’re on a Mission From God

That iconic phrase that propelled Jake and Elwood on their hilarious adventures could also be applied to the earliest disciples who were sent out by Jesus to advance His cause in the passage we’ll be reading this Sunday.  Luke 9:1-6 will be the text for our study. This was essentially the very first missions trip. Continue reading “We’re on a Mission From God”

Honest Doubt When We’re Disappointed

This Sunday, we’ll be returning to our study in the Gospel of Luke, and we’ll be reading vs 18-35. John the Baptist reappears in our narrative.  We read back in Luke 3:19 that Herod, Rome’s puppet king over Palestine had put John in prison because he was publicly speaking against his marriage to his brother’s wife.  WhileContinue reading “Honest Doubt When We’re Disappointed”

Processions to Parades

Hey gang!  This Sunday we’ll be looking at Luke 7:11-17 . As you look at that passage, what are the characteristics you notice about this collision of two different groups?  What strikes you about Jesus in this passage?  If you were to take this story of a miracle and try to make a present andContinue reading “Processions to Parades”

Closed Hearts to a Wide Open God

This Sunday we”ll continue in Luke’s gospel, reading chapter 4:14-30. Many scholars believe Luke’s gospel intentionally reverses Mark’s order of Jesus’ return home and his ministry in Capernaum in order to provide a sort of overview of what will characterize Jesus’ ministry all through the story.  It’s sort of a microcosm of the whole thing.Continue reading “Closed Hearts to a Wide Open God”

Backstory; Birth of John the Baptist

Have you ever had a major disappointment in life?  Have you ever asked God to intervene, only to feel like heaven was shut up and silent?  In the next section we will read, we’ll be introduced to a couple who went through that very thing.  We’ll be looking at Luke 1:5-25 this Sunday.  By theContinue reading “Backstory; Birth of John the Baptist”

Myth #4: The Good Christian

John Doe had heard the sermon, and it had cut him to the quick.  The preacher had leaned over the pulpit in order to make his point, and projected his voice like an opera singer swelling to the finale. “You must get to the place where your first instinct is faith and not fear whenContinue reading “Myth #4: The Good Christian”

MythBusting the Church, part 2: The Ten Percent Rule

“If you don’t pay God His tithe, the blessings will be cut off in your life!”  Ever hear anything like that?  Is that really accurate?  Why do I picture a mob-boss in connection with that statement more than the God of the Bible?  Does God really have to resort to extortion in order to motivateContinue reading “MythBusting the Church, part 2: The Ten Percent Rule”