Easter Sunday

This Sunday we’ll be having very special gatherings where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! Our first meeting will be held on the beach at 6 am at the Pineapple Willie’s restaurant beach access. Pineapple Willie’s has been very gracious to Eastgate over the years and we are excited about partnering with them for this event! Bring a chair or blanket, and think about dressing in layers since the starting temperature will be in the lower 60’s.

We will be handing out papers which have the order of service, lyrics to the songs and prayers. However, we are also providing a PDF version of this which you can view on your phone. Download it before you come at this link: Easter Sunrise with Eastgate

Later on, at 10 am, we’ll gather in the courtyard in front of the Eastgate building and have a time of celebration with worship songs, a Kidsgate performance and more! Afterwards we’ll have a potluck lunch and hang out as God’s kids, enjoying the day! Bring a lawn chair and some sunscreen…and bring a dish to share!¬† We have a PDF to download for that service as well – courtyard service 2019

Easter is the centerpiece of our faith! Let’s get stoked, HE’S ALIVE!

One thought on “Easter Sunday

  1. I recently had a discussion with an Agnostic who asked: “Why did God put Jesus through the Crucifixion? Why was a sacrifice necessary? Why didn’t he just change the rules?”

    It took me aback for a minute and I told her I would answer that later.

    I am posting my answer here because I want to be sure I get it right if there is a next time.

    The next day, I wrote her as follows:
    in answer to your question of why did God put Jesus through that? You might remember that Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit are one in the same so why did God put Himself through that? Because He loves us.

    Why did Jesus submit to that, because he was human and God and that was his mission.

    Why did God not just change the rules? Because by doing so God would be inconsistent, therefore imperfect, therefore not God.

    Whatever has upset you about God is not of his doing, it is the work of fallible humans.Sin, Guilt, Rules, Traditions, Rituals just do not matter.What I, a priest, or others think of you and your walk or lack of it with God does not matter
    It is just about you and God;

    Jesus enabled that.and the Holy Spirit keeps the communication going.

    How you work with that or not is up to you. God wants good things for you, is not mad at you, and has a great plan for you if you will accept it.

    I have had specific experiences in my life that convince me of it and am glad for them.
    I wish you the best and hope you enjoy your journey !.

    Your thoughts?

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