Whose Authority?

Well – the storm is still moving our way, but it looks like we may not be in for too much. That’s something to be grateful for.

This Sunday we’ll be reading Mark 11:27-33.

Jesus’ actions in the temple in the first part of the chapter has attracted all the wrong attention. He gets confronted in the temple area by the highest ruling authorities in Israel at the time. It’s like a congressional hearing…it was that serious.

What do you think they were asking when they asked Jesus their question? How might any answer he gave get him in trouble?

When Jesus turns the tables, he’s not really avoiding their question – he’s actually offering an answer. How would their opinion of John the Baptist have reflected on Jesus’ ministry?

When you think about authority – what do you think of? If the Sanhedrin represented authority in Israel, how did their approach to authority differ from Jesus? How do you understand Jesus’ authority, and how does it impact your life?

These and other questions will be the direction of our study this Sunday – hope to see you there!

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