Wrong Answers to Wrong Questions

As you surely know, we will be doing online only services this Sunday – and while I know it’s Palm Sunday, as often happens with us in teaching through a book of the Bible, we won’t be doing a Palm Sunday service but rather we’ll continue our study in Job.  I still think it is quite apropos for our situation.

We’ll be reading from chapters 15-21 – an abridged version, though you can listen to the chapters read in their entirety in the audio file above.

We’ll also be doing a Q&A after the teaching, so please post your questions during the service and we’ll discuss them at the end.

What do you notice about Job’s attitude toward God as this second cycle of dialogue plays out? What is happening to his perception of God? How might our own religious assumptions and attitudes lead us to similar perceptions of God? Those are things to ponder in this section.

Tune in on Facebook or Youtube this Sunday at 10 am. Hope to see you online!

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