The Detour and the Destination

We’ll be continuing our study in the book of Galatians this Sunday – reading vs 6-14 of chapter 3.

Paul moved from telling his own story to reminding the Galatians of their own story, to now reciting the larger story of God’s covenant people. He goes back to the very beginning – to Abraham himself, making an important point about the basis for Abraham’s acceptance by God. What is the basis? Paul’s point is that a relationship with God by faith predates the law by hundreds of years.

Why would that be an important point? What does that mean about the law – how should it be viewed in light of the Gospel? That is the issue Paul is getting at, and what we’ll be considering as we read through these verses.

This Sunday we’ll also be announcing our current list of Micro-Missions – small ministries that advance God’s Kingdom in a variety of ways. We’re hoping that they are a starting point – to join with or as inspiration to start your own Micro-Mission. We’re excited to see where God takes our church!

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