Why Return to Servility?

Phew…2020, am I right? Sally did a real number on Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, and the Calvary Chapel out there has really taken a hit. Please visit their website to see what I’m talking about, and pray for them. If you are able, consider donating or contacting them to see if they need help on the ground. They were very generous to us during our struggles in the aftermath of Michael. You can find them HERE.

This Sunday we’ll continue doing our study of Galatians, reading chapter 4:8-20. Paul will be talking about servitude and freedom, and marking out our clear calling to choose freedom. As you read his very first statement in v8 – what does the natural condition of humanity outside of Christ seem to be? In what ways might we see that principle exampled in our world?

Paul talks about how the Galatians were in bondage to idolatry, then warns them that they are heading right back into the same bondage. They weren’t tempted to adapt paganism again…what were they being compelled to observe? What does that tell us about Paul’s view of adding any sort of religious law or code, no matter how good it is, when it comes to our relationship with God in Christ?

V 19 tells us the reason God has set us free to begin with. Paul compares himself to a pregnant woman in labor (he’s clearly one confident dude) – what is it he wants to see birthed – what does he want for their lives? How can we see this become a reality in our own lives? In what ways might we see Christ developed in the way we live?

Please be praying for those affected by Sally…and keep your eyes on the Gulf, the season isn’t over. Hope you can join us on Sunday, either in person or on Facebook and Youtube live!

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