Where Obedience Leads Us

This Sunday we’ll continue reading through the Gospel of Luke – reading v22-25 of chapter 8.

It’s a very familiar story – one that I believe is meant to teach us not only the nature of this Christ we follow, but the nature of our following him.

Often times when storms arise in our lives, we tend to look around wondering if we’re being punished or corrected about something. However, this story reminds us that things don’t always add up like that. Who’s orders were the disciples following when this storm hit? What might that tell us about storms and chaos we sometimes encounter in life?

When the disciples wake Jesus up, he calms the storm and looks at them with a rather harsh question – “Where is your faith?”. There’s no qualifier there. Faith in what? They seemed to have faith that the storm would kill them…so they did have faith. What (or whom) do you believe Jesus is challenging them to have faith in?

The result is that the disciples have a whole new set of questions about Jesus. What do we learn about the nature of Jesus from this story? What events in life that we can’t control are out of Jesus’ control? What areas of life can we learn to trust Jesus with?

Hope you can join us this Sunday at 10 am!

One thought on “Where Obedience Leads Us

  1. I like this parable. It reinforces Gods promise “let’s go to the other side of the lake”. And they did why be afraid Jesus is in your boat. Faith over fear. I think maybe the disciplines didn’t “know” Jesus personally. Jesus was just teaching about fear maybe He wanted to test the disciples. Jesus didn’t question the storm He was concern about the disciples faith. Because faith is what matters.

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