Created For Unity

This Sunday we’ll be taking a break from our study in Luke as we begin a short series called “Lord Make Us One”. We’re participating with Pastors United of Bay County – and several churches will be teaching this same series in their church communities. I’m really stoked about this – one small step towards unifying the church, which in our country, has been segregated for far too long. Let’s join together in praying that God will, by His Spirit, join us together and restore our witness before the world.

Our first teaching will be from Genesis 1:26-28. Unity, especially along racial lines, is a biblical mandate. We see it right from the very first description of the human race. How many times in this passage is it repeated that humanity is made in the image of God? What does that emphasis say to you?

Right on the heels of speaking of our image bearing nature, God commissions us to reign over and govern the created order. What connection can you see between bearing God’s image and reigning over creation? In what way might that help us understand the concept of being made in God’s image?

What responsibilities can you imagine stem from being an image bearer of God?

How might bearing God’s image affect our sense of value and worth? How might it influence our perception of other human beings who have that same value and worth?

As I said – I’m really stoked about this series and what it may mean for the churches of our area. May God truly make us one!

I hope you can join us on Sunday – and I’d really like to suggest that you listen to the teachings done on this subject from the other churches involved. I’ll share their links below.

Brad Friday, Living Waters Ministries

Zach Sutton, Catalyst Church

Jessie Nelson, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

Luther Stanford, City Church at Northside

Damion Dunlap, Truth Fellowship

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