What Do We Value?

This Sunday we’ll continuing our exploration of Luke’s gospel, reading ch 12:13-21.

It’s the parable of the rich fool – and the focus is going to be on what place money and possessions have in the hearts and priorities of Christ’s followers. There is a chance that this may be uncomfortable – but I really believe if we examine what Jesus is communicating in this text, it will actually relieve any discomfort we may feel about how we handle our finances.

The primary objective of this story is to get us examining our own hearts. As you read the parable, what do you think Jesus is getting at? Do you think God is opposed to having extra stuff, be it possessions or savings accounts? If not, what might his issue be – what had the rich farmer put his hope in that made him feel he could take his ease?

What does Jesus identify as foolishness in that attitude? How would you apply this in the context of a 21st Century American Christianity?

I hope you can join us Sunday as we dig deeply into this challenging subject!

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