Counting the Cost of Following Jesus

This Sunday we’ll be reading Luke 14:25-35. It’s another very heavy section, one that’s going to require some careful examination. When we think of Jesus, it’s probably rare that we associate words of hate with him – yet, in the text before us, Jesus speaks directly of hating people as a requirement for being his disciple. How do we sync that with the many places and ways that Jesus represents divine love, and even commands that same sort of love from us?

In what ways might his challenge be an indication of priorities and value? What then, is Jesus calling us to prioritize the most?

How can we realistically count the cost of being a follower of Jesus? What things in life are easy to set aside, and what ones are hard? What might Jesus be saying to us about our commitment to his way of life?

This will be a challenging, yet encouraging study – hope you can join us!

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