The King Who Brings Peace

This Sunday is Palm Sunday – and amazingly, our study of Luke just so happens to be the very section that covers the events of that day! I wish I could say that I was smart enough to plan that out way back when we started…but I think we would all know better than that.

We’ll be reading Luke 19:28-44. There are so many things going on with Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. Luke doesn’t mention Palm branches, but John 12:12-13 gives us that detail. This event is pointing back to ancient prophecies about the Messiah, as well as prior historical events, and all of it is meant to create a contrast between the kingdoms of this world and God’s reign and rule.

Do your best to imagine the scene. How intimidating does someone look riding on a donkey? What message is that meant to convey? Why do you think the Pharisees were upset with the crowds singing about a coming King in Jesus’ direction? What do you suppose the significance of the rocks taking up the song if people were to quit?

The section ends on a somber note. Everyone else is stoked, but Jesus is crying…sobbing even. He sees Israel’s rejection of him as King and the consequence of their future path of violent revolt against Rome. What might that warning be speaking to us, if anything? Does it mean anything to you that Jesus speaks this warning through weeping and tears?

We’ll have a LOT of interesting details and puzzle pieces to arrange together on Sunday! Hope you can join us!

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