The Way of the Bread and Cup

This Sunday we are going to continue in the Gospel of Luke and pick up where we left off in Chapter 22. The verses we’ll cover (vs 7-22) begin the story of the (famous) last supper. In this section, we find Jesus proclaiming that this (the bread) is his body broken for them, and this (the wine) is his blood, poured out for them. He tells the disciples who are sitting with him to do this in remembrance of him.

Sometimes it can be challenging to put ourselves in the place of the disciples, especially when it’s a story we have heard so many times. At first glance of reading these verses, we can easily say, “Yep, I know the story, this is where communion started,” and find nothing else of value.

The challenge for us is to look at these verses and find ways to apply it to our daily lives. How our we challenged with a verse and story we have heard so many times? Is it possible for God to reveal himself yet again, or even in a new way, through a familiar story?

I wonder if the disciples, who were sitting down to celebrate Passover with Jesus, thought something similar. This was an event that the Israelite people celebrated every single year. Were any of them restless and eager for this to be over so they could go back to the real work that they were doing? Or were they aware of how world-changing this holiday meal would be?

Join us this week as we look for God in the expected and unexpected places and examine once again, the (famous) last supper.

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