The Crisis of Evil

I believe that human beings have an innate sense of justice. Nothing can feel more frustrating than when it seems like wrong behavior prevails over what is right. What do we do in those instances, when our sense of integrity is violated and we feel powerless to stop it?

That’s something we’ll be considering in our study of Luke this Sunday, as we continue reading chapter 22, verses 47-53. Jesus has just finished praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and suddenly an armed crowd, led by Judas, shows up.

Judas was one of Jesus’ disciples – we will always puzzle over what changed in his attitude towards Jesus. What should a greeting with a kiss convey? What do you think Jesus’ question means in v48, “…would you betray me with a kiss”? Why would that betrayal be more significant?

The disciples suggest an armed resistance, even going so far as to strike the first blow. What does Jesus say to this, and what does he do for his captor? How should this guide our response in times when it looks like evil has the upper hand?

Jesus turns his attention to the leading priests who were there to supervise his arrest and calls out their hypocrisy. How is their hypocrisy exposed by what he says?

V 53 provides the theme of the passage – what do you think it means that it was the moment that the power of darkness reigns? How do you understand a moment, and what does that tell us about the staying power of evil? How can that help us navigate those times when evil seems to prevail?

I’m looking forward to reading this together on Sunday – I hope you can join us! We’ll also hear a missions update from In Deed and Truth and the team going over this month. They’ll be doing a fund raiser to finish covering costs – so come ready to buy a bag of kettle corn!

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