Silence of the Lamb

Have you ever noticed how “noisy” it is?  Not honking cars or screaming ambulances, but opinion served up as fact.  Fact that is rarely precise and often delivered with a self serving side of deceit.  Amplified by 24 hour news broadcasts, and social media platforms, the resulting volume is deafening.  The effect often times drives one to outrage.  We are left feeling hopeless, angry and thinking the world is falling apart.  Nothing seems to be going right.

Well, take heart, there is hope for us!

This week we continue our study in the Gospel of Luke beginning the next chapter reading Luke 23: 1-12.  In this section we continue to read about the trial of Jesus but this time Jesus will be brought in front of Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipas.  The Sanhedrin and the Jewish religious leaders are seeking to have Jesus put to death but need Roman approval so they bring Jesus before the Roman court hoping for a guilty verdict.

As we read through the trial in front of Pilate, think about how each participant is this event felt. What was the driving force behind the Council?  From who’s eyes did they define justice?  Who was being protected by their stewardship of the Jewish law?  How involved does Pilate want to be?  Is this really a Roman issue or is Pilate being manipulated?  Notice the crowd.  How important a role do they play?  What can we learn form Jesus’ actions or inaction?  There is a lot going on here!  As we saw last week, there is a great deal of hypocrisy and self serving ego being exhibited.

As the story progresses, pay special attention to the “contrasts” described.  Why would Herod look forward to seeing Jesus when Antipas wished to see him go?  Notice the crowd’s reactions when contrasted to Jesus.  The crowd is in an uproar and Jesus is silent.  He refuses to defend Himself at all.  Why is that?  

This is a convicting and wonderful section. It challenges us and it sets us free.  There is some real power in the silence of the Lamb and I’m looking forward to sharing it Sunday.  Hope you can join us

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