A Prayer for Holy Saturday

Below is a prayer to prepare our hearts for Easter morning. If you’d like to join in on praying this, find some time on Saturday where you can have solitude and read the prayer slowly and out loud. Perhaps it will inspire you to continue on speaking with God and listening for His voice. Others from our community will be praying that same prayer on Saturday, so no matter where we are, we’ll lift United voices to God!

Father in Heaven,

I know that it is always 

darkest before dawn.

The world as we know it

groans in anticipation of a new day.

Here, in this present darkness,

I live in expectation of Your light.

Resurrection is the promise of new life.

Resurrection is the promise of all things new.

I take my place with all the saints

who’ve trusted in Your name.

This day, prepare my heart for Easter.

When I was walking in darkness,

You were there.

When I was on my knees in weakness,

You were there.

When I was in need of forgiveness,

You were there.

Let hope rise in my heart

like You rose from the grave.

Living God I praise You

for the promise of the Gospel!

Let heaven meet with earth

in my life today!

I praise You, Lord Jesus Christ,

King of endless glory

I celebrate Your life that conquered death.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


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