Hope Is Rampant

My heart has always been with the oppressed, the rejected, the easily dismissed. I believe it is where God is and I truly believe we could all see Him more clearly if we were able to get our hands dirty.

At the latter part of last year I read an article on my friend Darla’s blog about a guy who mends peoples tattered garments once a month using an old ice cream cart. Call me stupid but it was in that moment (I was 32 years old) when a radical thought occurred to me. I do not have to wait for a group to be Christ to others. This may be an everyday thought for you but I am slower than the average earthling and this struck me as a truly profound thought.

A month later I decided to embark on my own project. I decided to try to put myself in the shoes of those who do not have “modern day” transportation. I rode my bike everywhere I went for a full 7 days and I collected funds to give to a small handful of organizations. Generous people sponsored me by the mile or for the whole ride and the money was given to these groups who utilized the funds for good. I called this project HopeisRampant.

The strange thing was a few people were reading my blog and when I posted my daily video’s about my two wheeled adventure those same awesome people began reposting them, I mean I asked them to but I never thought anyone would actually do it! Then a few people wrote me and explained that my bike ride inspired them to do this or that and I was floored!

The math equation went like this: A guy from far away + a converted ice cream cart = a chubby polish guy riding his bike for a week + a video camera = other people giving back and doing good and loving people.

I hate math but I love that kind of equation!

The more and more I prayed about my next project (I wanted HiR to be a quarterly personal project) the more and more I found out about awesome people doing awesome things all over the world and I began to want to share that with everyone I came in contact with. So more prayer and many moons later I began to think of HiR as something altogether different. What if it could be a spotlight for those who are doing something to make this planet a better place? What if we could get a megaphone and stand on top of some building somewhere and shout to the world what these amazing, selfless people were out there doing, everyday in every city in the world?

And so hopeisrampant.com was born.

Please join me in this journey. Be our myspace or virb friend and pray for what we are doing. We are currently just a small band of broken wind up toys but I believe God will bring others along side us who have the same vision for good news.

We also are asking people to send us emails if they know of a person or organization who are doing wonderful things both on a small basis and world wide.

Also read (and subscribe) to our online magazine, it is absolutely FREE and without ads or political pressures.

Join the movement for our currency is love!

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