New Youth Site


The youth of Eastgate, better known as Crash, have a brand new website and it rocks!  You might be wondering why in the world this would be Wonderwhat post worthy?  Well, I am glad you asked!

Some of you lovely readers are parents of high school students or students who are soon to be in upper hallows of senior high and you will no doubt be interested in some of the new offerings of the site.  First of all we have a parents section called “Rents”.  Here you will find up to date info on parent meetings, movie/game/music reviews and a lot of other useful tips on how to watch out for your kids in this digital age.  There is also a “Sports” section where we are asking the youth to add their schedules so everyone can come out and cheer them on.  You might also want to check out the “Events” page to find out the latest in upcoming Crashstatic events & download permission slips, etc.

Hope you dig the new site and please visit often.

Click Here to launch site.

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