Is There Music on a Printed Page?

The band Pieces of the Wreck is going to play a little “mini-show” on December 31st (New Year’s Eve).  We’ll have our Burning House service, and then roll right in to a Sounds of Thunder/Pieces of the Wreck concert.  It’s sort of funny though, because they are almost the same band with the exception ofContinue reading “Is There Music on a Printed Page?”

Mac vs PC parody, Part Two

I don’t know…this may be right along the lines of “us versus them”…but there still needs to be room for parody and self deprication, which the PC “Christian” really is.  I believe it’s self deprication because the PC Christian is my brother, no matter how he comes off.  We’re sharing the same life, so toContinue reading “Mac vs PC parody, Part Two”

The Christmas Junkie

I’ll admit it right off the bat…I’m a Christmas Junkie. I love Christmas.  At 45 years of age, I still slow down to look at cool displays of exterior holiday lighting, and run through the house in my pajamas at random moments shouting “It’s almost Christmas!”. I think my love for this holiday is two-fold.  ForContinue reading “The Christmas Junkie”

Just How Cool is Jesus?

Ok, so I was reading a blog, and it was an article on Steven Baldwin’s activities to “cool up” Christianity.  The article is found here….and you need to read it before you read my post. Here’s the thing….at first I was all “you gotta’ be kidding me, this is stupid, Christianity will never be cool”,Continue reading “Just How Cool is Jesus?”

A Parable of Christmas Lights

  Each year, my daughter Janelle and I are in charge of putting up the Christmas lights.  We usually do this the day after Thanksgiving…and we will be doing so later on this afternoon.  I just wanted to share something I wrote about it several years back. —————————————————————————————–  My daughter and I put up theContinue reading “A Parable of Christmas Lights”

It’s all About Who Holds the Hand

 Rob Woodrum He wasn’t really walking as much as he was dancing.  Dressed in a blue Power Rangers sweatshirt, he cavorted in front of the line of cars in the Wal Mart parking lot.  I had to stop for him.  I watched with rapt fascination as he moved to a position that was more inContinue reading “It’s all About Who Holds the Hand”

Christians and Politics

Rob Woodrum “We’ve got to be more politically involved as the church!  We’ve got to take this nation back for Christ!  We’ve got to get God back into our schools!  We’ve got to support our president and his war on terror, and stop the media from spreading lies and liberalism!  It’s our duty as Christians!” Continue reading “Christians and Politics”