Our perception of God.

 Perhaps one the most destructive forces working against us in our relationship with God is a misinterpretation of scripture leading to a misunderstanding of who God is and who we are in Him. Our understanding of who God is and how He sees us shapes our lives dramatically. Just imagine for a minute that walking into any room in the normal course of any day we see God seated in front of us. What is the reaction on His face when he sees us? The reaction we imagine on Gods face at that very moment tells us a lot about our perception of God. Does He jump from the chair with joy running to hug us and tell us how He has longed to be with us? Is He sitting there tapping His fingers on the table saying we have a lot of explaining to do? Is His head hung in utter disappointment? Knowing the answer to this question tells us a lot about how we see ourselves in our relationship with God. OK now that we have formed an image of God’s reaction to us in our own mind how does it line up with scripture? Does our image match what the Bible has revealed to us about God and our place in the story He is telling?



 We can isolate Scripture to say just about anything and people often do.  Some religious leaders may do it in order to establish control over people or for personal gain.We could develop a constant fear of losing our salvation or think Gods needs our money. There is also a danger of falling prey to “folk” theology when we believe things like “God helps those who help themselves” or “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Those aren’t even in the Bible. So in your own mind what is Gods reaction when you walk into that room where He is sitting? Does it match the story God is telling in scripture?


 It may be the most important question we ever ask ourselves.

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