The Merciful Reign

Okay – so, we’re going to be reading Matthew 20:29-34 this Sunday – and instead of my normal post, I thought I’d upload a chapter from Rabbi Encounters that recounts the story (although, it’s actually from Mark’s account – so there’s only one person instead of two). Anyway – enjoy, and be thinking about God’s […]

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Trust Him

How easy is it for you to trust someone? We may consider ourselves to be “trusting souls”, but the reality is we often find it difficult to place our trust in someone else. A lot of factors go into that – past experiences, our own sense of frailty when it comes to trustworthiness, and a […]

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God’s Rule in Action

I remember once when my wife and I were going to turn an enclosed porch area on the back of our house into an extra bedroom for our boys. We planned and considered how this could be accomplished and what it would take. We drew a lot of diagrams on napkins and contemplated this task […]

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Beginning Again, Again

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our study of the little book of Jonah – reading chapter 3. Have you ever felt like you’ve messed up too many times and it feels almost insincere to start asking God to forgive and set you a new path. I hope you haven’t, because I can tell you from my […]

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The Story of Faith

My formative Christian years were spent embracing what has popularly come to be known as “the health and wealth” gospel. I was told that if I had the right amount of faith, I could get God to do my bidding and provide me fabulous toys and inexhaustible wellness. Hebrews chapter 11 was a go-to source for […]

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The Single Sacrifice

There are some things I have to do every day, day in and day out. Brushing my teeth is an example. But there are many, many more things that I have to attend to or practice every day. All of us have those. I can’t brush my teeth once and assume that they are now […]

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Enduring to the End

“And so we came to Rome.” We’ve come to the end of our study through the book of Acts. This Sunday we’ll finish up by reading Acts 28:11-31. It’s been quite a journey, reading through the account of this Ragamuffin Revolution. We’ve witnessed a lot of things along the way. Paul has gone through an […]

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