Living Like a Native Foreigner

Hey all…sorry for the delay in posting. Still trying to get back into the swing of things after getting home. I fear some of Africa is still loathe to let me go…but I’ll forego the details.

This Sunday we’ll be starting a new series in 1 Peter!


Well just be doing the introduction and covering v1-2 .  It’s the part where Peter is greeting his readers…but man, what a lot he packs into “hello”!  When he uses the word “exiles” to describe his readers, the word in the Greek means THIS. What, if anything, does that tell us about our relationship to this world’s system as followers of Christ?  What effect would it have on you if you adopted this sort of mentality in earnest? How would it affect your hopes and expectations?

The other thing Pete does is remind us of our relationship to God in v2. It seems that our place in this world is transient at best…but what is our place with God like? Do you find any comfort from how Peter describes the people of God in v2 – and if so, what?

It should prove to be a very enlightening study. Hope to see you there!

2 responses to “Living Like a Native Foreigner”

  1. I like how the Message puts it; God the Father has his eye on each of you,………

  2. I think if we really adopted this sort of mentality in earnest it wouldn’t matter if we were right or if we got our way or if we are treated fairly. All that would matter is that His nature is expressed and His love shown to the natives around us!
    One of the ladies in our group shared a story that beautifully represents this kind of mentality. Theresa shared that a woman at her workplace was pretty nasty to her most of the time. She decided to pray for this woman, brought her candy, and one day in response to some harsh treatment asked the woman if she could do anything to help her. The woman was brought to tears and ended up sharing her heart with Theresa. Thus, the restoration began. Heaven is our home those around us are our mission field, lets make them say “yall aren’t from around here are ya”? and point the way home!!

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