Staying Free

One major fear that gets posed whenever Christian freedom is discussed is the concern that it can lead to an antinomian lifestyle – a life with no constraint, living lawlessly. I’ve heard that fear expressed to me many times over the years. Martin Lloyd Jones, the old Welsh minister, famously said that if we aren’tContinue reading “Staying Free”

A Love for Truth

 Last summer I was struggling with my weed-eater. I had come to the conclusion that the spool which held the string was old and faulty and needed to be replaced. I tore the whole assembly off the handle and ripped open the packaging on the replacement head and started trying to attach it to the trimmer.Continue reading “A Love for Truth”

That Telltale Trait

How can you tell if someone is a follower of Christ? Huge amounts of necklaces and trinkets adorned with crosses on them, as well as T-shirts with recognizable logos that have been retooled into a bible based theme (ouch) are sold each year- often with the motive of “letting the world know that I’m aContinue reading “That Telltale Trait”

The Finder of the Lost

Ever lose anything…like something pretty important?  What was it?  How did you feel, what did you do?  If you found it again, what emotions did you experience? I lost my dog Shadow once…but I’ll tell that story on Sunday. Jesus goes toe to toe with Pharisee lame-ness in our passage this Sunday, Luke 15:1-10. TheContinue reading “The Finder of the Lost”

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

What a great discussion we had here last week.  I really appreciate the time and consideration so many of you gave in posting your thoughts.   Having said that, I’m not trying to put anyone under pressure to make comments now…I’m just sayin’ it was cool last week. This Sunday we’ll be reading Luke 10:25-37, theContinue reading “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”