The Finder of the Lost

Ever lose anything…like something pretty important?  What was it?  How did you feel, what did you do?  If you found it again, what emotions did you experience?

I lost my dog Shadow once…but I’ll tell that story on Sunday.

Jesus goes toe to toe with Pharisee lame-ness in our passage this Sunday, Luke 15:1-10.

The story opens with Pharisees grumbling because Jesus is hanging out with the wrong crowd, yet again. They specifically are upset because Jesus is eating with decidedly non-spiritually minded people.  What’s the big deal with that, do you suppose?

To answer, Jesus responds the best way he does, with four different parables (not three, as Eugene Peterson points out in his book “Tell it Slant”) about lost-ness. He talks about a lost sheep, lost coin and two lost sons.  We’ll only look at the first two this Sunday.

I love these stories.  What are your thoughts on what Jesus is conveying about the nature of the Kingdom of God advancing in this world?  What does this reveal about God’s heart toward humanity…and what does this reveal about humanity…about YOU?  Read v5 and close your eyes and imagine the scene…what does it evoke in you emotionally?

Man…I love this section.  Hope you can make it this Sunday.  Surf n Grill is this Sunday too!!! Come hang out at St. Andrew’s St Park and we’ll eat and enjoy the beach and baptize a few folks who are “found”…and let’s get stoked!  We still need people to hang late and help clean up…so pray about serving Christ this way!  See you then!

5 responses to “The Finder of the Lost”

  1. Love these parables of the lost being being found.They touch something deep inside me.When I read it this mornng I too was captured by verse 5 and imagined in my mind the shepperd dancing joyfully with that lost sheep wrapped around His shoulders.It really gets to me to me in a very emotional way!Can’t wait to hear Rob teach on this.I love how it starts out “this man welcomes sinners and eats with them” kinda thinking thats why He came.

  2. “…go after the one which is lost until he finds it? & and searchs carefully until she finds it?”

    Several things came to mind, none of which I anticipated.

    1st and I believe most importantly I was reminded of the general instructions given to camper and hiker and general explorers when they get lost. “Stay where you are and let the rescuers find you.” Pretty simple, if all you can manage to do is get lost, what makes you thinks you have the way back home. I remember once when one of my daughters was about four years of age and we went to her school for a school play. She was in the top row of some small bleacher. Here class was standing on these bleachers and singing. My daughter got dizzy and fainted. She disappeared before my eyes and fell behind the bleachers. I was out of my chair and sprinting to the her before I knew what happened. I can remember knowing that I had to get to her. I was moving people out of way and when I got to her I grabbed her up and into my arms and left the room with her. She was holding on to me as hard as I was to her.

    And if being found isn’t good enough, the one who make the effort and would not give up until you are found (remember you are the one who got yourself lost), they gather others around to celebrate with the rescuer and the rescued. Its a party. Lest we forget the horror of being lost, it makes it seem worth it doesn’t it.

    A question, is Jesus reminded the parishees how they have failed to shepard the heard He placed in their care?

  3. Doesn’t it seem that these stories paint a picture of a God that is much more involved in the reclamation of man than most of us were led to believe? I was always taught that God was over there and while Jesus had made a way for me, it was my responsibility to “get to God”. What you read here is something different. You see a God that is actively involved in our search and rescue operation. Some would say these stories don’t apply to those that have never been a part of the family of God. The shepherd is looking for something that was once in the flock and somehow has wandered away; he wasn’t looking for strays. But I disagree. We are all strays. Strays from what was intended. We’re lost and have been searching for a way home since Adam and Eve were shown Paradise’s door. Instead of a God that is aloof saying, “here I am, you can come if you want”, we see a God that understands (as Spud said) we’d find our way home if we could, but we can’t. We are lost and we need to be found. And that’s where God comes in, searching to the ends of creation for those that are lost.

  4. To be lost and then found by Jesus is the greatest gift ever! His love is so powerful and personal for each and every one of us and there are no limits to what He will do to rescue us and bring us into His arms. Also, His love for us is unconditional, no matter what we have done in our past, His love makes us new. I love a great Love Story and this is the best!!!

  5. Man, I hate it when I loose stuff. The most bothersome thing to loose is my keys. It’s always just when I am needing to get somewhere quick and I’m late. I feel stressed, agitated, worried and have no rest until they are found! I am on a mission to find them and can’t give up until I have them in my hands. Wow, what a cool analogy. I am humbled to think of God seeking me and all of us, never giving up on us until we are in the palm of His hands. And then giving us a piggy back ride, and throwing a party, it’s just too good to be true!!! Maybe the judgemental religious leaders thought Jesus’ dinner companions were too far gone not worth saving. I’m so glad that in Christ’s eyes none of us are hopeless. It’s a good reminder for all of us as we view each other and those not yet in the palm of His hands.

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