The Truth in Love


We will be starting a new study this coming Sunday – a series exploring 2nd and 3rd John , as well as Jude. They are three of the shortest books in the New Testament and we’re lumping them into one study because they all three carry the same theme. Each of them is commending us to the truth, and warning us of the consequences of wandering away from the truth.

Pilate asked Jesus a question that still echoes in the air to this day; “What is truth?” Ours is a world that has learned to be wary of some who declare they have the “truth” because so often they are, in reality, making a power-play. “This is the world as I see it and want it to be, and I will force you into that mold whether you want it or not”. A lot of damage can and has been done in the name of truth.

There are so many different kinds of truth – subjective, propositional, experiential, objective….and with humans being so varied and complex, what qualifies as a universal, meta-truth for all of us?

More importantly, what were the New Testament writers referencing when they declared and rallied their readers around the truth? That’s something we will explore and consider. As you think about what the consistent message of the New Testament writers is, how would you summarize the truth they declared?

We’ll begin our study in 2 John 1:1-6.

Count up how many times the word “truth” appears in the first four verses. What does this frequency intimate about John’s emphasis?

What connection does John make between truth and love? In v3 John is greeting his readers, but he drops a ton of theology in that “hey ya’ll”. What does v 3 tell us that we receive from God by truth and love?

What is the importance of love in relation to truth? What is the importance of truth in relation to love? Do you believe it is possible to have one without the other? Why or why not?

Not to scare you – but come prepared to think this Sunday, we have some fascinating things to consider! Hope to see you then!


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