The Wisdom of Youth

Sammy carries boxes to the car for Operation Christmas ChildYes this is a shameless plug, and I will concur that his may not be the correct venue, but since I write on Monday’s I get to do stuff like this.

The youth of Eastgate are amazing! I am sure you were already aware of that, but for a few minutes I would like to explain to you exactly why.

I believe youth are a wonderful example for the church. They are enthusiastic about our faith and dive in head first to whatever study we are currently in. They are hungry for truth, and show up to every bible study, youth meeting and worship service that is offered. They also show their faith with actions. At least once a month they are serving the church, or the community in some tangible way. You probably don’t know this, but they once cleaned up after a wedding and then picked up all the garbage that had sprinkled the ground at the Panama City Rescue Mission, just because they were asked to! They are both hearers and doers of the word, and that makes me excited, but where I think they shine ever brighter is in their love for each other. They have had more than one conflict, cried together and for a moment wanted to annihilate one another, but in the end, love prevails and they are back, stronger than ever. We really can learn something from these young people. We can learn to love our brothers and sisters.

Hey, isn’t there even a verse about that or something? (wink, wink)

Click Here to See More Photo’s From Last Nights Operation Christmas Child Event.

4 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Youth

  1. I love youth too. I hate it when “older” people in the church say, “they are the future of our church…” maybe if they paid attention to what these youth are doing they would realize that the youth (jr, high, and college) are the church.

  2. Well said…the youth are awesome. We had been looking forward to making our boxes last Saturday and had to work last minute. Thanks for shopping for us and for all that you guys do. David & Lisa

  3. Dustin, as a ‘parent’ of one of our youth, I must agree! I’m amazed how often I see Jesus shining through our growing hormone. AND I envy the simplicity of [adolescence] complicated life – how love can just simply SHINE.

    But I have to add – You and Leah have been a tremendous, positive influence on the youth’s attitude. I know as servants of Christ, we don’t [should not] desire to be elevated, but please accept our gracious compliments of the example ya’ll provide and our gratitude that you submit yourselves to such service.

    God bless you and all involved.
    Thanksgiving Indeed!!

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