8 thoughts on “Bean Soup

  1. I’ve had this bean soup that you speak of! Riley made for me once and it was simply incredible. I will say without hesitation that it was THE best bean soup I’ve ever had. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Thank you Rob not only for the great recipe but it also brought very warm memories of my dad and how much he loved and used his manual typewriter!

  3. Rob, (no offense to other post’ers) but I really don’t know how one or two lines can possibly be comment enough and yet there are no words applicable (?)!

    The logical side of me says ‘ sounds just like a man’s version of how to prepare a dish’ (experience says so). The poetic side of me says ‘ no matter how mixed up we might think our parents were/are, they have a special, if not UNIQUE way of letting us in on their tender spots’. I believe if you followed your father’s recipe for bean soup, you ‘d HAVE to throw it to the dogs (for lack of cooking order), but if you follow his recipe of thought…he was thinking about you and Riley…and maybe letting you know you have to ‘season [life] as you go and others are necessary to your recipe to make it a complete meal’ Now that’s sweet ‘bean soup’.

    …thoughts from a fellow bean.

    Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  4. What a lovable man. It makes me want to write letters. Letters that say something about life and not about your day. I’m glad I had a Papa, and that he was such an intriguing character. I would like to get to know him more one day.

    Also, I think we need to start adopting “the bit light in the condo” phrase. It’s awesome!

  5. Hey!, What are you doing? Giving away the family secret bean soup recipe!
    Wait til I get my hands on you, ya little brat!

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